2-3 Zone out of Bounds Plays

2-3 Zone out of Bounds Plays

Special situations like out of bounds plays provide an excellent opportunity for teams to try and score out of pre-designed set plays.  In game situations it can sometimes be difficult to run sets with defensive pressure, but dead ball situations like baseline out of bounds allow for a great opportunity to run set plays without worrying about your team being able to get into the set.  Today we will focus specifically on 2-3 zone out of bounds plays.

1-4 Low Zone out of Bounds

This first play is a 1-4 low zone out of bounds play that can be run against man or zone.  If you are going to run this play against a zone you simply need to teach your kids to screen the zone.  You likely will not be able to get the ball to your 5 against a zone on this play, but the 2 or 4 should be open.  On this play tell your 4 to set the screen outside the lane, so that if the defender on the block over plays it he can slip to the basket for a layup.  Since many teams like to switch defenses from man to zone on out of bounds plays, this is a nice one to have available, as it allows you to call a play that can work against either defense.

1-4 zone out of bounds play

 Slip vs 2-3 Zone (VCU)

This play is one that was included in one of my first posts which contained a ton of great information from VCU.  This is a simple 2-3 zone out ofbounds play that can be highly effective in taking advantage of the 2-3 zone’s weakness.

Slip vs 23 Zone

Dive vs 2-3 Zone

Another really simple play, and similar in many plays to the last one is a play I run called dive.  This zone out of bounds play is incredibly basic, yet very effective in getting someone open.  Stress to your 4 and 5 man that they need to wait a second to let the shooters get to the corners and try and draw the defenders on the block out to the corner.  Also stress that if the shot goes up from the corner your opposite guard (or inbounder) must get back to avoid a rebound that leads to a transition layup.

Dive vs zone out of bounds

Wheel vs Man or Zone out of Bounds

Here is one more play that can be run against a man or zone defense.  Against a zone I don’t think the first option will be there, but the shooter and the 5 sliding down the lane should be.  Against a man to man all three options could open up.  The first one to the 3 man is particularly tough to defend and if you have a good wing who can finish inside then this might be a play you’d want to have in your playbook.  I frequently see college teams running this, including most recently Michigan against Minnesota.

Wheel out of bounds play

 More 2-3 Zone out of Bounds Plays

Here are several more baseline zone out of bounds plays run by a variety of college teams.  As you’ll notice, the above plays are very similar if not the same to many that you’ll see in the video.  Take a look and see if there are any that your team might be able to use.

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