About Coach Pintar

About Coach Pintar

I started this blog simply because I love game of basketball and I love coaching the game of basketball. From the time I was four playing on my Little Tike basketball hoop until now, basketball has always been an important part of my life. During my student teaching I reached out to the coaches, and got lucky when the JV basketball coaching job opened up right before the season.  Little did I realize that my previous 22 years of life, most of which I spent playing basketball, did very little to prepare me for coaching basketball. Needless to say it was a rough season, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and was determined to learn and grow from that experience

The next school year I was fortunate to find a teaching job in Clarkston, MI where I again made sure it was known that I had a strong interest in coaching. This led to a 7th grade coaching position, which I was excited to have. I did this for a few years before moving on to the freshman coaching position which I still have. In these past several years I have been blessed to coach under one of the best to ever coach in our state. I have learned an immense amount through this, not just about x’s and o’s but a lot about the other details of the game that you can’t necessarily put on paper

So why did I start this blog? Well I can’t lie, part of it is based on pure selfishness. I’m a competitive person, and that drive pushes me to learn more about the game and more about coaching so that I can improve the job I do for the players that I coach. But I also wanted to create a resource for other coaches, coaches like myself that first year who went in head first without the slightest idea of how much I didn’t know, and also for coaches that have way more experience and knowledge about the game than I could ever imagine, but are still looking for something to add to the toolbox. I hope that this site can provide every coach with something useful. Maybe it’s a few plays here and there, maybe it’s a philosophy to model your offense or defense after, perhaps you get a great drill that you want to try in practice, or maybe you just want to hear from some other great coaches

My goal is to build a great site, with a tremendous amount of valuable information that makes the game of basketball even better than it already is. Please feel free to contact me at coachpintar@gmail.com or leave some feedback and let me know if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else.  And if you would like to contribute to the blog I’d love to hear from you.

– Coach Pintar