Additional VCU Basketball Plays

Additional VCU Basketball Plays

If you liked the VCU Havoc Defense stuff I added several weeks back, then you will love the additional VCU basketball plays that I have for you.  To get the additional content just head over to my fan page page on Facebook, click on the like button, and you will be taken to the fan page with access to view and download all the extra VCU basketball plays that I have.

VCU Basketball Plays Included in the PowerPoint

  • The Havoc Defense
  • Half Court Defensive Drills
  • Baseline out of Bounds Plays vs Man and Zone
  • Zone offense concepts and quickhitters
  • Late game situations

As mentioned before Shaka Smart and his staff have turned VCU basketball into a high energy contender year in and year out.  If you’re serious about improving your team you will definitely want to go download this additional VCU basketball plays from the facebook fan page.

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