Alan Stein Agility Drills and Warmup Stretches

Alan Stein Agility Drills and Warmup Stretches

One of my favorite resources for strength and agility drills is Alan Stein, the strength and conditioning coach for the DeMatha Catholic High School basketball team.  Alan runs a website called where he has a bunch of valuable resources for basketball coaches.  On his YouTube page you can find many videos related to strength and agility drills, and the best part is that these workouts are basketball specific.

 Basketball Agility Drills

These first two video clips show Alan Stein demonstrating some agility drills that can be done with your players.  Some tennis balls will be necessary but this is something you can have your entire team doing at the same time and is something players could do on their own at home if they’re serious about improving their speed and agility.

Pre-game Warmup Stretches

Here are some pre-grame warmup stretches that you can do with your basketball team prior to games.  The nice thing with these stretches is that they can be done in the hallways prior to a game which is nice for varsity teams that have a limited amount of on court pre-game time.

Pre-Practice Warmup Stretches

Similar to the previous video, here are some pre-practice warmup stretches for your basketball team.  The past few years I’ve been focusing on more dynamic stretches, but what I like with what Alan Stein does is how he incorporates more basketball like movements into the stretches.

Alan Stein Clinic Notes

Upon doing a little Google search I found these Alan Stein clinic notes.  There’s quite a bit of good stuff in here covering everything from stretching to basketball specific training.  If you’re serious about your teams strength and conditioning then this is a great resource.

If you like what you see here please check out more on Alan Stein’s website or go to Championship Productions and check out the many DVD’s that Alan has produced that are available for purchase.

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