Competitive basketball conditioning workout

Competitive basketball conditioning workout

Here’s a great basketball conditioning workout that is competitive and gets your kids working harder than probably any other conditioning you do in practice.

Start by dividing up your kids into teams of 3 (You may have to modify that if it doesn’t work).  On occasion I have let my kids draft their teams, but you have to let them know this is a conditioning drill rather than a basketball related drill so that teams are balanced.  Once your teams are made have them start on one of the baselines and the races begin.  Start by having them complete two down and backs (as a team not individually).  For example, lets say you have player A, B, and C on team 1.  Player A would go down and back and then player B would go down and back and the first race is over.  I personally require players to touch the wall, because there’s too much controversy if you say get to the line (plus it’s a little longer).  After the first race is over you would then “move up the ladder” and now run four down and backs.  So player C would be up first, then back to A, B, and finally finishing with player C running the last down and back.

You will continue to do this same pattern, with the next race being 6, then 8, then finally 10.  After 10 you would work your way back down the ladder, so complete another 10 down and backs, then 8, 6, 4, and finish with 2.  In doing this conditioning drill you will be impressed at how hard they work and how tired they are.

In order to bring in the competitive component there are a couple of methods I have used in the past.  One way to do this is run this drill the first time in practice without saying much to the kids and simply time and record their results on each race.  You can then use these as a baseline, and each time you run the drill they must meet that time as a time.  If they don’t they repeat the race until they make the time.  The alternate method that I’ve used is that the team that wins the race gets to sit out the next round of the ladder.  Regardless of the method you chose, give this basketball conditioning a chance, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the results.  Depending on time you may only work your way up the ladder not back down and you would still get a good workout in.

Alternatively I found this resource from Stack to be a good basketball conditioning workout that is very similar to what I provided.

Stack – Use Ladder Drills to Condition for Basketball

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