Basketball Nutrition and Recovery

Basketball Nutrition and Recovery

As a coach I am always trying to find that little edge that might help put the team over the top.  Sometimes it’s X’s and O’s, other times it’s a new drill, or a motivational technique that I think might work.  Today I set out to find out a little bit more about recovery and proper nutrition, which in large part is driven by my own need/want to learn more about what makes our bodies go.

A little background on why I went looking for information on recovery and nutrition…  During holiday break our schedules become completely thrown off.  You have Christmas and Christmas Eve, New Years and New Years Eve, weekends and occasionally games.  No longer is school part of your normal routine.  Baked goods over the holiday’s are a ‘must’ and new toys and video games sometimes make it hard to remain active.  Through all of this I still expect my players to be ready to practice and to practice hard, but rarely do I find that practices and/or games over the holiday break are reflective of what we are and can be.  Is this due to being off our routines?  Is it because of poor nutrition?  Are we getting proper recovery (too much or too little)?  My believe is that it is probably a little bit of everything, not having a normal routine, laying around in the house too much, eating foods low in nutrition all likely play a role in why basketball practices and games over the holiday break are not what I would like them to be as a coach.

In my search I found two separate articles, both very good.  One comes from Alan Stein from who I have discussed before in other blog posts.  The second comes from Gatorade’s Sports Science Institute.  Both are very good articles and can be valuable information for coaches.  The Gatorade article covers a variety of topics including psychology, nutrition, hydration, recovery, sleep and more.  The article from Alan Stein tends to focus primarily on recovery techniques.

Please enjoy the articles below and please leave some comments on your thoughts about the topic.

Nutrition and Recovery Needs of the Basketball Athlete – Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Download (PDF, 854KB)

Basketball Recovery and Regeneration – Alan Stein –

Download (PDF, 2.02MB)

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