Building a Half Court Pressure Defense

Building a Half Court Pressure Defense

I recently received an email from Occidental College associate head coach Ryan Moore who shared with me several quality resources.  As I started browsing through these resources I found some notes from Coach Kevin Ammann of Concordia Irvine on building a half court pressure defense.  Quite frequently I find that I am posting stuff related to offense, while neglecting the defensive side of things.  In reality I consider myself a defensive coach, and it’s something we preach more than anything where I coach.  Along with that we emphasize pressure defense principles similar to those presented here by Coach Ammann.

Just a quick glance at the 7 things Coach Ammann wants his half court pressure defense to do and you can see the goal is simple – make the other team feel uncomfortable.   In sports like basketball and football you have coaches of all styles.  Some prefer up-tempo, aggressive pressure defense and others prefer bend by don’t break make them beat you defenses.  I myself love to play pressure defense because I don’t want my opponent to ever feel comfortable and more importantly, I want to dictate what we do offensively AND defensively.  That isn’t to say running a pressure defense is simple, for us it comes down to the ability to have all five guys working together defensively in order for it to work, but when that cohesion is there it is extremely difficult for the opponent.  The other part I particularly like about pressure defense at high school levels is that most teams do not have more than a couple guys who are truly good with the ball and comfortable with pressure.  Imagine your four or five catching the ball with pressure.  Most of us would be worried about turnovers in that spot, and that’s exactly what pressure defenses are trying to create.

Coach Ammann does a great job of explaining his half court pressure defense goals, building blocks and drills so there is no need for me to over explain here.  Read below (click the arrow to maximize the screen) or download a copy for yourself.  Thanks again to Coach Moore for sharing.

Download: Kevin Ammann – Half court pressure defense

Building a half court pressure defense


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