Easy Baseline out of Bounds Plays

Easy Baseline out of Bounds Plays

It is my belief that out of bounds situations present an extraordinary opportunity on offense.  In basketball it is rare to be able to setup and run a play without someone hassling your primary ballhandler and disrupting the timing and effectiveness of the play, particularly at lower levels where timing is not often well understood by the younger players.  Here are a couple easy baseline out of bounds plays that work well for players at most levels.

1-4 Low Baseline Out of Bounds

Here is an easy baseline out of bounds play that you can run out of a 1-4 low set.  The play begins with the 5 man sliding up the lane towards the free throw line.  He can help sell this by putting his hands up.  Next the 2 guard sets a backscreen and the 5 comes over the top to the opposite block.  After this happens, the 4 comes over to set a screen for the 2 man to go to the corner.  The 4 should look to slip inside, especially if his man helps on the screen.  If no one is open the 1 should serve as the outlet on the play.

Baseline out of Bounds 1-4 Low

 1-4 Low #2

If you like to have multiple plays out of the same set then here’s another 1-4 low baseline out of bounds play that you can run as a counter to the last play.

Here there is a slight difference to start with the 2 and 5 flipping roles.  You could have them in the same spots as the previous play, but I prefer this because the 2 could get an open look off the initial screen, although that’s not necessarily what we’re going for.  After the initial screen by the 4 man, he should pop out to the top of the key and look for a reversal from the 2.  The 1 could also pop up if you are having a tough time getting the ball in.  After the reversal to the 4, the 3 should set his man up before getting a screen from the 5 and cutting over the top for the easy basket.  You might also find it easier to make the pass to the 1 and then have him hit the 3 man.  Essentially what you’re setting up is a flex cut out of a baseline out of bounds look.

1-4 Low Baseline out of Bounds Play 2

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