End of Game Situations

End of Game Situations

End of game situations are one of those aspects of coaching that can easily be overlooked in practice.  Only occasionally do we encounter these situations which make it difficult to devote time in practice to working on these end of game scenarios.  Nevertheless it’s important to do so and it’s even more important as a coach to consider some of these situations.

Here are some end of game situations that I would love to hear fellow coaches input on.

Scenario 1 – There are two seconds remaining.  Your team is winning by two points.  Your opponent has the ball and needs to go full court.

1A) What defense are you going to run?

1B) Do you defend the inbound?

Scenario 2 – Your team has a two point lead but now there are six seconds remaining.

2A) Are you defending full court?

2B) If you were tied would you defend it any differently?

2C) If you were up three would you defend it any differently?

Scenario 3 – Your team is up three points and there is seven seconds remaining in the game.  Your opponent has the ball sideline out of bounds.  They are in the bonus.

3) Do you foul or just play straight up defense (and does it matter if you are in the bonus or not)?

Scenario 4 – Your team is losing by two points with five seconds remaining.  You have the ball full court out of bounds.  You have called a timeout but still have one more timeout remaining.

4) Do you try and score out of the inbounds or run a play designed to get the ball to half court to call another timeout?

What are your thoughts on these end of game situations?  Feel free to respond to any or all of the above scenarios either via twitter @coachpintar or by leaving a reply below (Scroll down a little bit to see the reply box).

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