Ivy League Play to use with Michigan Quickhitter

Ivy League Play to use with Michigan Quickhitter

A while ago I wrote about one of my favorite quickhitters, a play that Michigan runs quite frequently in their offense.  Yesterday, while watching Brown and Penn play (call me crazy, it’s okay), I saw Brown run a nearly identical play out of a slightly different set.  While Ivy League basketball might not feature the athletes of some leagues, it does feature good basketball and some great offense.  If you’re a team that runs the Michigan quickhitter you might want to add this little wrinkle to it, just to give it a new look but not have to worry about teaching your kids an entirely new play going into tournament play.

Ivy League Play from Brown University

Michigan quickhitter alternate 1 Michigan quickhitter alternate 2 Michigan quickhitter alternate 3

The play begins with a staggered back screens.  Be sure to have your PG setup his man so that the screens have a chance to be successful.  If he’s open off the staggered screens then the PG could take it all the way to the basket for a layup.  If not, on the penetration to the basket the 4 slides up to free throw line extended and gets the pass.  The PG should continue to the ball side corner.

After the pass to the 4, the ball will be reversed to the 5 and then the 3.  Once this happens the play looks exactly like the Michigan quickhitter.  The 4 is coming on a flex cut and the 5 is going to screen the screener (the 2 guard) who pops up to the top of the key for a shot if you don’t have the layup.  Ultimately it’s the same action as ‘Michigan’ with a slightly different look to begin with and a possible layup to start for your PG.  As always you should adjust the play to fit your personnel.  If your 3 is your best shooter put him at the FT line to start.  If your 3 is better at coming off a screen and finishing at the basket and your 4 is a better passer then flip flop those roles.

If you don’t have Michigan in this is still a very nice play with the same movement out of it.  The flex cut with the screen the screener action is difficult for any man to man defense to defend.

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