Michigan State Basketball Drills and Plays

Michigan State Basketball Drills and Plays

Here are a few drills and plays from Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo (shown with video).  Coach Izzo is unquestionably one of the top coaches in the country and watching these short clips is enough to make you understand why.

Transition Basketball Drill

This first drill here is one that I have actually used many times in practice.  I really like this drill for a few reasons, one is that it creates odd man situations (2 on 1, 3 on 2, 4 on 3, and 5 on 4) which are game like.  I think many coaches work on 2 on 1 situations, maybe even 3 on 2 but rarely do drills address 4 on 3 situations or even 5 on 4, yet in games those situations probably happen as often or perhaps even more often.  So from an offensive and defensive standpoint this a good drill to work on those odd man situations.  The second thing I like about this drill is that it not only creates the odd man situations but it does so it a game-like manner.  For example, if you just did a drill where 3 guys start with the ball on one end and dribble down against 2 defenders that’s not very game-like.  In this basketball drill it’s much more game-like and the transition breaks will feel much more like they really will come game time.  Lastly I really like this drill because it forces you to talk and communicate on defense.  Failure to talk and communicate on defense in these odd man situation will result in giving up baskets just about every possession.  Help and rotations are also a must, so this drill is great for emphasizing those areas of your defense.

Late game sideline out of bounds basketball play

Here is a very simple yet effective sideline out of bounds play that Tom Izzo likes to run in late game situations when they are up a point.  This play is not designed to be run when you are losing a game, because the defense may not be putting the pressure on your team.  But if you are up a point or two late in the game and the defense is putting a bunch of pressure on the sideline out of bounds play to try an get a steal then this is a play that will work for you.

5 on 4 Shell Drill

The 5 on 4 shell drill, much like the basketball drills and plays before, is one of the cornerstones of our program.  There are very few practices that we don’t work on 5 on 4 shell drill.  While our shell drill incorporates a couple of variations, the general principles of the drill can be seen in the video clip below.  This drill is a great drill for working on help and recover, and much like the transition drill, this one requires great communication to be successful at it.

More basketball drills and plays from Coach Izzo

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