Notre Dame Baseline Out of Bounds Plays

Notre Dame Baseline Out of Bounds Plays

Courtesy of Notre Dame Men’s Basketball

Today’s post features some baseline out of bounds plays courtesy of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  Mike Brey and his staff have done a tremendous job turning the Irish program into a NCAA tourney regular and a Big East contender year in and year out.  The Mike Brey led Irish have had an impressive 63% winning percentage in the always brutal Big East and a 67% overall win percentage.  This past season Notre Dame won arguably one of the greatest regular season games defeating eventual NCAA champion Louisville 104-101 in five OT periods.  The game showed the type of toughness than Mike Brey led teams have become known for.  Here are a few of the baseline out of bounds plays that Notre Dame uses including one from Kennesaw State.  I’ve also included a great video that takes an inside look at the Notre Dame basketball program.

Kennesaw State

The first play here features some nice screen the screener action.  After the 3 gets a staggered screen on the baseline, the 5 sets a pin down screen for the 2 man who set the staggered screen.  This comes after the 5 screens and re-screens for the pg.  It’s a simple play but with lots of action that is difficult to defend.  Read the caption below for a frame by frame description of the play.

Kennesaw State BLOB

Double Rub & Slip/Pop

Here you have a nice out of bounds play for a team that has a good big man that can ‘pick and pop’ and knock down a jump shot.  Or if you’re like many high school teams perhaps your “big” is 6′ 3″ and has some range.  Either way this could be a nice quick hitting baseline out of bounds play where your shooter would come off a staggered screen.  As simple as this looks it puts a lot of pressure on the defender guarding the 5, and if he hedges on the screen you could get yourself many easy baskets.Double Rub Slip and Pop

Rub to Screen Inbounder

The rub to screen inbounder can be run as a counter action to the double rub inbounds.  Here the initial action looks similar, but instead of the 3 coming off looking for the jump shot you now have him setting a screen for the inbounder to go to the corner for a quick handoff/exchange from the 4 man.  These two inbounds plays work nicely together to give your team an out of bounds option that has a similar look but different feel.

Rub to Screen Inbounder


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