Nike Clinic Notes 2013

Nike Clinic Notes 2013

I was browsing through the web recently when I found some Nike clinic notes from 2013.  Below you can find a PDF of the entire set of notes, but before that you’ll find a few things that I pulled from the notes that I particularly liked as I looked through the notes.

3 on 3 Drill

1) Only Layups – No jumpers allowed
2) No switching on defense – All 3 must defend their man
3) No Screens

Game essentially ends up becoming 1 on 1 involving six players.  You should encourage players to play free and be creative.  Defensively you’re working on making players better 1 on 1 defenders, but still encouraging them to work as a unit.  Offensively players work on moving without the ball, footwork/speed and their creativity and ability to score.

When you think about this drill, it’s very simple but it emphasizes some important skills that we as coaches are always trying to work on.  I really like the idea of no switching, as that often becomes a cop out for fighting through screens and tough situations.  By not allowing jumpshots it forces guys to find a way to get inside shots, either through penetration (which helps the defense work on keeping their man in front of them) or by using good ball movement, spacing, and cutting.   Not only that but any time it’s a 3 on 3 drill it makes it harder for guys to hide.  You could also use this with a drill where you have multiple 3 on 3 teams and after each score or stop the team must ‘clear out’ to 3 quarter court or half court before coming back and playing on offense against the next team (we call this cutthroat as do many other teams I’m sure).  Take a look at the Nike clinic notes below for more from Marcelo Signorelli.

North Carolina Fast Break

There’s some notes on the North Carolina initial and secondary breaks in the Nike clinic notes, but one of the things I liked was how UNC tries to make it simple on its guards on when to attack and when not to attack.  When running their secondary break the PG makes his decision based on the number of defenders back.  If there are 2 or fewer defenders look to score in no more than three passes.  Avoid taking 3’s on the pitch ahead unless its our best shooter and the defense is set.  First post player always seals on low block and second trails the play.

Other Nike Clinic Notes

There are a number of other good notes from the Nike clinic in here and even though they’re relatively short they provide good information on a number of topics and leave out any fluff you might find in some other clinic notes.  Some others that I personally liked were Larry Shyatt notes on defensive thoughts and drills and Bob Huggins competitive practice drills.  Check them all out for yourself below and download a copy for yourself here.

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