Oregon Tech 48 Drill

Oregon Tech 48 Drill

What do Coach K, Bobby Knight, Jim Boeheim, Dean Smith, Jim Calhoun, Adolph Rupp and Eddie Sutton all have in common?  If you guessed that they all trail coach Danny Miles for all time career wins at the college level you would be correct.  While coach Miles may be not be as popular with the casual fan as those coaches, he certainly is that popular within coaching circles.  Coach Miles has racked up an incredible 987 wins and a .713 win percentage over his career at Oregon Tech.  No matter the level of coaching that type of dedication and success is matched by few.  Today Coach Miles has provided us with the Oregon Tech 48 Drill that the like to use in their practices.

Coach Danny Miles and his staff like to keep daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats for each of their players.  They do this as a means to evaluate the players in a controlled environment.  For this drill you will have 3 kids at each basket, so depending on your number of baskets available you can have many if not all of your kids participating at one time if you have several baskets available.  Doing this drill and other shooting drills they see players improve typically 7 percent per year throughout their career.

In Diagram A you see the path that Oregon Tech likes their players to take when shooting by mirroring the circle from left to right and then back.  The rebounder must give good solid passes and should lead the shooter into his shot.  As a measuring tool 27-30 is fair, 31-34 good, 35-38 very good, and 39+ is exceptional.  You will see below how many shots and the scoring system for each of the shots.

Diagram B you will be doing elbow to elbow jump shots.  After taking four shots (right, left, right, left) you will rotate and repeat until all three shooters at the basket have shot.  As was mentioned before make sure that the rebounder is leading the shooter into the shot.  The shooter should be accepting this pass as he comes to the elbow.  Each make is worth 2 points.

Diagram C is Dribble into elbow jump shots.  Just like before you will go right, left, right, left on the shots.  The pass will be made to the top of the key, dribbling right with the ball and making sure that the lead foot hits the floor at the same time as you go into the elbow jump shot.  Next you repeat this but going to your left.  Like before you will take four total shots and then rotate with the next shooter until all three shooters are done.  Each made shot is worth 2 points.

Diagram D is a crossover with a step back jump shot.  Similar to diagram B you’re mirroring the top of the key as you come to the elbow.  As you catch the pass you will make a crossover dribble to the middle (one dribble) and take a step back jump shot (this should be inside the 3 point line).  Use the same right, left, right, left routine and rotate after four shots.  Each made basket is again worth 2 points.

Diagram E you will have your guys use a rocker step (see below if you’re unfamiliar) into a jump shot.  Repeat the previous routine (right, left, right, left) making sure to shot fake, rocker step and then take a shot.  It’s very important that you get your feet right on the pass to make this work.  Each made basket is worth 2 points and just like before rotate after four shots.

Diagram F you are now taking 3 point shots.  Follow the same routine as diagram B but from the outside.  Four shots again (right, left, right, left) with each shot being worth 3 points this go around.

Free Throws will be the final part of this drill, with each player shooting four free throws before rotating.  Each made FT is worth one point.

This drill allows you to shoot 24 game like shots in around 7 minutes time.  A perfect score is 48 points.  This basketball shooting drill could be used at any point in your practice or it could be come part of your pre-practice routine.  I also think you could do this same drill but have your players shoot elbow to corner rather than just elbow to elbow.

Oregon Tech 48 Drill

Oregon Tech 48 Drill reprinted with permission from head coach Danny Davis.

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