Play of the Day – Kansas Screen the Screener

Play of the Day – Kansas Screen the Screener

Today’s play of the day is a play I really like because I think it’s very difficult to defend and very simple to run.  The play, titled Kansas, begins with your best mid range shooter (2 in the diagram below) setting a back screen for your 4.  This initial screen can be hard to defend, and the x2 defender will likely have to hedge/help on the back screen to prevent an easy lob.  Immediately after setting  the screen we have a screen the screener action where the 5 sets a screen for the 2 guard who cuts to the ball side baseline.  Because of the initial screen this action is a really hard defend for the x2 defender who must try and chase over the top on the play.  If for some reason x5 comes to help you should have an easy post entry for a layup, and if he doesn’t you should be able to get your 2 a very good look at the basket.  Watch the Philadelphia 76ers run the Kansas action in the video clip below the diagram.

Kansas Screen the Screener

Kansas Screen the Screener Action


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