Play of the Day – 2-3 Zone Quick Hitter

Play of the Day – 2-3 Zone Quick Hitter

Here is a simple 2-3 zone quick hitter that is a tough defend.  This play comes from NBA assistant coach Chad Iske, and while not complicated does allow for multiple options.  As a result it could probably be run multiple times, because as soon as they begin to stop one option it will likely open up another.

The play begins in a 1-2-2 set for the offense.  The 1 hits the wing, in this case the 2.  As always, I would try and accommodate this to your personnel, so if your 3 is a better pick and roll guy and your 2 a better shooter then I might switch the positions as they’re shown in the diagram below.  Once the 2 gets the ball he gets a pick and roll from the 5.  The key to this entire play then is the timing.  As the pick and roll happens, the 3 should be getting to the corner.  This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the defense.  If the bottom guy in the zone (ball-side) goes to the corner with 3 the 5 should be open on a roll to the basket.  If that same defender stays to defend the roll the 3 should be wide open in the corner.  Let’s say they manage to take those options away, perhaps the middle guy in the 2-3 zone does a nice job of playing defending the roll to the basket.  Should that happen the 2 guard also has the option of a pull up jumper, or he could continue to attack the basket, or if he gets denied by the guard at the top of the key he can look for the 1 on the skip.  This should again put pressure on the defense as the bottom guy in the zone would likely have to come out to defend that and once again you have softened up inside of the zone.

2-3 Zone Quickhitter - Nuggets

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