Xavier man to man plays – 23 High Series

Xavier man to man plays – 23 High Series

For today’s post I have a few good Xavier man to man plays that I got a few years ago.  These plays are similar to the Michigan quickhitter that I shared with you last week, and could actually be used in conjunction with these sets.

The first play here begins a lot like the Michigan play we looked at last week, but rather than starting in a 4 out 1 in, this play and the series of plays today from Xavier start in a 2-3 high.  The play starts with a pass to the wing by the PG who then fills into the ball side corner.  As he passes and cuts your 2 guard rubs off the 5 and goes to the ball side block.  After the 2 cuts off the 5 man he (the 5) should pop up to the top of the key and the ball is reversed around the perimeter.  Following the reversal, there is a going to be a staggered screen.  The 2 sets up like its going to be a flex cut, but instead switches the screen last second and sets the first screen of the staggered screens.  The 5 man is setting a pindown screen.  I would also add to this play (not in the diagram) that the 5 could slip off this screen and go to the ball side block for a potential layup if his man goes to help on the staggered screen.  This option would be a great counter to the Michigan play.  As always you could adapt this play and the positions in particular to best suit your teams skill set.

2-3 high with a double pindown screen

Xavier 23 Shuffle Bump

2-3 high with a dribble exchange

Our second play today begins out of the 2-3 high look again and has the same exact motion to start with.  Following this initial motion (First diagram), the ball is reversed to the 5 at the top of the key.  After this, the 4 starts like a flex cut similar to before but then gets a pin down screen from the 2 guard.  Off this screen the 5 and 4 run a dribble exchange.  Off this dribble exchange the 5 dives hard to the basket and could be an option for a pass inside.  The other option that will likely open up is the 2 guard who rolls in behind the play or the 3 guard who slides to the corner on the dribble exchange.  If either the x2 or x3 defenders help on the play you should be able to get a nice open shot on the play.

Xavier 23 Shuffle Bump DHO

2-3 high flex cut with post option

The last play in our series once again begins the same as the last two plays with a pass to the wing and subsequent cuts by the 1 and 2 guards.  This time the 3 makes and elbow cut to the top of the key for the reversal.  Following the reversal the 5 sets a screen for the 2 guard who cuts to the opposite wing looking to get open off the screen.  After the 5 screens he should seal off his man and look for a post entry.  If there is a switch you should be able to get an easy look for your big man, and if there is no switch (and you have set a good screen) you should get a good look for your shooting guard.

Xavier 23 Shuffle Pindown

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